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Sunday, April 17, 2011


We heard mass and Summer saw the casts of the cenaculo having their rehearsal at the church grounds. She was sooo interested to watch it and scared at the same time, knowing what Jesus went through from school.

I told her to ask her Papa if he can bring her. Omar did not say yes too. And to my surprise, he also wanted to bring Summer but unsure of what the day will bring - we might get lazy and we do not want to disappoint the little girl. Summer must have prayed too hard for it and Omar and I were still in the mood to bring her.

Chairs were not provided and we positioned her at the scaffolding.
She just had a hard time fully understanding it for it is in Tagalog. In a very loud voice (due to too much excitement), she would ask us what 'kaibigan' means. And in a province, with all the kabataans around, it was just embarrassing to have her speak in english in a local setting.
We did not get to finish it anymore since Omar and I were just standing up. She asked us to extend for a little bit, then we just promised her that we'll just try to catch the movie 'The passion of the Christ' on TV on Good Friday.

I'm just happy she's interested in our religion.

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