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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding.

As I was watching the royal wedding, Summer would say 'boo!'. She wasn't interested and would rather watch Disney or Nickelodeon channels. Until I read that Rowan Atkinson arrived already and I told her that Mr. Bean was there. She suddenly lit up and got excited looking for Mr. Bean among the crowd then she asked, 'Does he speak?'.
As Summer was so excited about Mr. Bean. Summer shared with me that Queen Elizabeth was from the cup. And that Mr. Bean found her dog and that's how the queen knew him and that's how he got invited to the wedding.
And when Summer saw Prince William got off from the car and removed his cap and gloves, Summer said 'heh? What happened? Did he cut his hair?'.
I never knew how interesting it was to watch TV with her or was it because the royal wedding was like an educational film where you'll learn a lot.

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