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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boy look.

Winter is always mistaken as a baby girl because of his long hair and we would always clip his hair.

His hair is long but thin so we were decided to have his hair shaved after he turns 1. Nakakahinayang lang kasi ang ganda ganda nya sa hair nya. Mas nakakahinayang pa nga sya pakalbo kesa kay Summer noon kahit boy sya kasi ang ganda ng hair nya, unlike kay Summer noon, excited pa ako mag grow back hair nya kasi kalbo talaga sya.

We planned to have his first haircut during the party kaya lang di available ang hair stylist kaya di natuloy.

But since Mommy is not around to witness the event, we decided to postpone it until she gets back from Canada. Sya din kasi nagpakalbo noon kay Summer.

Mama cut off a portion of Winter's hair at home before we went to the parlor.
Good boy naman sya sa parlor. Nakakandong lang sa akin while Tita Yang is documenting every minute of it with her digicam.
Gwapo! May baby boy na ako!

1 comment:

Gracie said...

bye bye na to long hair, but hello to good looks! gwapo ni Winter!