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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First step to Big school

I initially wanted to send Summer to a Chinese school, but a Catholic one. But I got pregnant the second time and I was so set of having a son and so I thought we will be sending him to Don Bosco Makati, so Summer must go to a school close to Don Bosco, and that's Assumption College.

I was informed by Teacher Tina that I must apply early for it's in a first come, first served basis and it gets full easily. I called up the school, and to my surprise, they started accepting applicants as early as August. So I immediately gathered up the requirements and went to the school in the afternoon to submit the requirements. Good thing I have Summer's birth certificate, a copy of her baptismal certificate and a passport size ID.

She's now scheduled for her entrance exam on September 3. Still have enough time to review her.

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