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Monday, August 10, 2009

Party Prep: The Program

Tito Cris has become our friend through Wudjiman, Tito Boy to us - Omar's uncle.

He volunteered to do the magic show on Winter's birthday when they had their company outing last Summer. So we were able to get him for a very good price, considering that the venue will be outside Metro Manila.

And since he will do the magic show, I asked him for referrals for hosts as well. So he got us 2 clowns for a bargained price as well.

Madugo pero knowing Tito Cris, it will be worth it.
Result: Some kids got scared of the clowns at the start. The clowns are decent, english speaking, and best of all - does not make use of kids or other people for their funny antics. The magic show of Tito Cris was a sure hit! It lasted for an hour and 45minutes and even the adults had a blast.

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