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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Party Prep: The Birthday Cake

I considered having a Thomas the Train cake because I wanted the idea of using cake rolls, making them trains, for Winter's birthday cake.

Since the theme will be Winter Wonderland, I had the idea of doing it the Polar Express style.

I downloaded photos of train cakes out of rolls and gave it to our local supplier. Then I ordered creme puff to build it like a christmas tree. I searced for gingerbread house but they were way too expensive for me. Good thing I was able to discover Mich who are into chocolates. I ordered from her 2 chocolate houses, decorated like gingerbread house.

Perfect! Gastos na naman hehehe.

Gumuho ang aking tree of creme puffs pero di naman masyado nahalata dahil marami na-cute-an sa cake hehehe.

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