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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Winter One-derland

Happy Birthday Winter!
Ang ganda pala manganak ng Friday kasi ang 1st birthday party ay mafo-fall sa Saturday, ang saya!

Birthday celebrant: William John S. Reantaso aka Winter
Birthdate: August 22, 2008, 1st bday party on Aug. 22, 2009 at 3pm
Birthday Party Theme: Winter One-derland
Venue: DJ Paradise Resort, Malolos City, Bulacan

Party decors: I prepared the party balloons a day before. I used white link-o-loons, tied 2 of them together and used white balloon at the end para mukhang snow fall. For some, I tied snowflake mylar balloons which I was able to buy online. I prepared a snowman made of balloons. People from Lollipop balloons, where I bought my mylar snowman and small snowflake balloons, are kind enough to share with me tips on how to make a snowman the easy and cheap way. I borrowed christmas trees and had them set-up at the stage, sprinkled rainbow icicles
(ganda pala ng effect sa picture, nagmukhang christmas lights), and sprayed on snow para mukhang winter.
Birthday outfit: Gap Longsleeves and Pants, a Christmas gift from Ninang Ganda. I just bought the bowtie for less than a hundred bucks. Change outfit of White polo and Brown pants from Baby Bench from Mommy Duning.
Guests started arriving at exactly 3pm, some even earlier kasi may nauna pa sa amin. Buti na lang they had food carts to enjoy. Though, the party started a bit late already kasi the kids were hesitant at first to join in.

We had the birthday song for Winter.

Played games.

Had early dinner.

Had a magic show.

Had blowing of the candle.

And distribution of loot bags.

I prepared an AVP kaya lang I didn't get to show it na kasi the magic show itself took an hour and 45minutes. I bought a pirated DVD of IceAge 3 too to show it before the party starts pero di ko na mahanap ang DVD, buti na lang or else baka lalong late na nagstart ang program.

Kahit di pa na-appreciate ni Winter ang party, sobrang patok naman kay Ate Summer. Kinarir ang games para makahakot ng maraming prizes. Kaya lang natakot sya magparticipate sa magicshow, sya sana ang palulutangin ni Tito Cris.
Nag-enjoy naman sana mga guests namin. Mukha naman kasi they stayed until the end which was past 6pm na, considering na sa Bulacan pa ang party and they will be going back pa to Manila.

Thank you very much for all who came and for all who sent their wishes.

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