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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day to Yosemite

We started our day early and drove our way to Yosemite where we will be spending our next 2 days for the holidays.

It was an 8-hour drive to the mountains of Yosemite. We checked-in at Ever Green Lodge.

It was like a postcard. It was like staying at Camp Rock. It's so nice! We got 2 2-bedroom units. We brought enough left-over Christmas food for dinner. We were so tired we weren't able to try the free smore but Paeng was able to bring home some for me and Summer.

The bed was so warm while looking at the scenery outside the window full of snow.

It will be a long day tomorrow with the Range of Light tour. Excited!

1 comment:

Gracie said...

someone's having a blast with her holidays :)