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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 1: Lunch at Hemet

For our first day, we had to do our courtesy call to Tita Lynda, my mom's sister, at Hemet. But before heading to Hemet, we went to hear mass and headed to Costco to shop for some groceries and see the grandmas giving free food tests. And of course, to have their hotdogs too.

She served good lunch. Winter was sleeping almost the entire time. Paeng was playing his guitar with Tito Adnie. Girls were bonding together.

And we had dinner at In n Out! Omar had 4-stacker while I had 2-stacker protein style and we had strawberry shake too.

Costco hotdog, persimon, In n Out - all in our 1st day, I think I can go home now hehehe. Joke!

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