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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Manila-Los Angeles

We arrived at NAIA terminal 1 too early for our 12:50pm flight from Manila to Taipei via EvaAir. The counter was still closed but the cue was too long. Since we are a group of 10persons, we headed straight at the side of the front of the line waiting for special lane for group check-in. Some staff was telling us to line at the far end of the line, some was telling us that they'll inquire if they have special lane when the counter opens. Good thing, we waited and got a special lane, no need to cue.

While waiting at the airport, Summer and Winter got to play at the play area and Omar and I got to grab some noodles for lunch.

It was a 2-hour flight and they served a meal - not just a sandwich and a juice, but a meal. I learned this time and requested for a child's meal for Summer and baby's meal for Winter. Winter's meal was mashed vegetables and fruits - a real baby's meal.

It was a 4-hour wait at Taipei for our connecting flight to Los Angeles. We had enough time to stretch, walk around the shops, play at Hello Kitty playground, use the Hello Kitty nursery room and eat hot spicy noodles.

It was a long flight to LA, but not as long as Canada's and we got seats with bassinet so we had good leg room.

Our flight arrived 30-minutes early and we waited for a while for Ate to fetch us. Immigration and Customs was hassle free. The customs officer saw the kids and asked us to cue at Lane A where they have to run our baggages at their x-ray machine once again but did not open our luggages anymore. Good thing Kuya and Jenny had mom's baggages with food - yam and rellenong bangus.

Hello California!

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