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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 10: Happiest Place on Earth

A reunion with Mickey and Minnie!

A day at Disneyland!

And it was full-packed! They stopped selling tickets as early as 10am, it's that full!
Summer was able to see the Princess and the frog characters on parade. We've brought Summer to Disneyland HongKong and Florida but she's never been to the Small World so I pleaded everybody if we can take her to Small World here at California. Everybody obliged since my kids are brats and spoiled. Summer was so happy with the ride while Winter was sleeping the entire ride.
After the parade, some went home early while I stayed for the kids even if I was tired already so we can let the kids see the fireworks and Fantasmic. While waiting for the shows, we went to California Disney for the teenagers turn to take the adult rides. Omar and I just shopped for the kids and did not take the rides anymore. We just sat in one place for Summer and Winter to rest for a while. I'm getting old, I'm starting to get tired of theme parks. Sadly, Summer fell asleep and wasn't able to see the Fantasmic.
And while waiting for the teen-agers from their rides at our meeting place, I saw Mickey and Minnie with a very short line for picture taking. It just made my visit at Disney complete!

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