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Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 2: Six Flags

Woohoo! Time for theme park!

We left early since the park was 2-hours drive from our place. We dropped by Ate Cristy's place to pick-up Alex and to meet up with Reg. Adrienne joined us as well. We are a big group of 2vans so it was big fun!

It was so cold at the park. The teens went on their own while we moms went with our babies. But I got to ride X2 and other adult rides as well. Few people so we get to take almost all rides that were open. Too bad, roaring rapids was closed. We were able to take photos with the character mascots too and Santa Clause.

The boys had a shot at the basketball game booths at the park and won a bugs bunny toy for Summer. Good shots from Papa Omar and Tito Reg.

Ate ended the day in the park with a funnel cake for everybody.

We had dinner at Ate Cristy's - mga gutom, malalakas kumain kahit pagod sa park. Thank you Ate Cristy for the dinner.

1 comment:

Irmee said...

uyy, nagsix-flags kayo on winter? I wonder what ride you had? I didn't have the guts to try other rollercoaster rides after I took the wooden Texas Giant on my visit to Six Flags over Texas...Patingin ng pics. :)