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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Universal Studios

Jet lagged and all, Mom and Dad has no choice but to join us at Universal Studios.

Summer wore her ballerina dress while Winter wore his Superman costume.

We cannot take the Mummy ride and while waiting for the others to finish the ride, I had photos of the babies at the dummy cars and with Dora and Diego. And while waiting for lunch, we had our photos with Sponge bob and Curious George. On our way to the restroom, Summer was asking me if she could have her picture taken with the one with long yellow hair. And as she pulled me to show whom she was referring to, I saw Bart Simpson hehehe. But line was a bit long for us to cue.

We were able to take the studio tour this time, unlike last year at Florida.

We ended the day early since Mom and Dad were tired from their trip yesterday. AJ got lost too on our way home but it was an experience. We were just sleeping while he was driving us on our way to Tita Lynda's for dinner while the moms, who were with Reg and far from us, were in panic! Haha!

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mm said...

enjoy ur vacation=)