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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Party 2009

We had our Christmas Party at Malolos. Everybody were to wear yellow.
Jenny lead the Opening prayer.

Kuya said the Opening remarks.
Then we draw raffle prizes and played Pinoy Henyo.
After dinner and drawing out all the raffle prizes for everybody, Daddy said his Christmas message.
We had our exchange gifts, as we usually do every year.
The practicumers did not just assist with serving food to the staff, but offered a dance number as well.
While Summer and Winter had so much fun playing with the other kids.
Roderick, as he does yearly, gave a dance number.
What better way to celebrate our Christmas Party with a thanksgiving mass lead by Mons Flint.
Then, the most awaited part, distribution of the 13th month pay.

Merry Christmas!

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