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Saturday, February 26, 2011


From the party, off we went to SM Mall of Asia for the pyromusical. We did not buy tickets anymore.

Traffic was terrible but we were able to park by the side of Microtel Suites. Good thing Mommy lent us foldable chair for the kids to use.
We also used Winter's stroller but he was just too scared to sit there by himself. He likes the fireworks but he doesn't like the sounds. You can see the fireworks from the sea but the sounds were coming from our back with the sounds reflecting from the buildings.
The countries performing were China and France.
One of my favorites were the fireworks with blooming flowers, which I wasn't able to capture in my camera, and the ones with the smileys.
I was sooo proud with my baby boy. He was scared with the fireworks. When Summer went at the middle of the road to have her picture taken with the fireworks at the background, Winter shouted 'Fifi, m'here!' As if he was asking his ate to go back and not to endanger herself by going near the fireworks. True blood boy, protective of his sister.
After China's performance, I was able to walk by myself to the mall to grab some dinner. The line was horrendous. I was able to buy dinner at Racks. It was full packed but still they were able to serve my food fast. And I was back in the car just in time for France' performance.
Another favorite too is the fireworks with planet designs.
More than the pyromusical, it was fun spending moments with the family. Thanks Omar!

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