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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Julian!

Julian is turning 9. We had his birthday party at their house in Paranaque.
The kids, as usual, had a blast playing around and messing the house upside down.
Winter sooo wanted to blow the birthday candle that's why Ojay have to cover his mouth just so we can finish the birthday song with the birthday candle light still on.
He soon had his turn after Julian was able to blow his candle.
The birthday boy received a hand me down mac and a tent. They set the tent up and the kids played with it. Here's Winter pretending to sleep inside the tent.
Then it was time for the candy shower. Winter posed for the picture taking and Yang asked everybody to posed as Winter did.
Imagine a box of candies for 5 kids, riot!
Lagot kami sa dentist. Happy birthday Julian!

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