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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Summer went to Divisoria.

It was one of Summer's dream to be able to visit Divisoria because she can see how much stuff I bring home every time I visit the place.

On our way to Divisoria, I handed Mommy her cash. She jokingly handed it to Summer telling her that it was hers to spend at Divisoria and was able to get her money back.

At Divisoria, Summer and I went across the street from where Mom was buying her stuff to check if Summer might find something she likes. Upon crossing, she asked me why we're leaving Mommy when her money is with Mom. She couldn't find anything she likes since she was bothered that she left her money with Mom. And so we went back to where Mommy was and asked for her money. Mommy gave her a hundred peso bill and Summer asked her where her thousand bills earlier were.
She sure had fun shopping around for abubots and kalats.
Mas tipid kesa sa mall dalhin. =)

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