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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Let's pretend we're royal.

Summer was invited by her bus mate for her 7th birthday party at Hotel Intercon in Makati. The theme was princess and asked the girls to come in their royal outfit.

Summer wore Jazzy's first holy communion gown, the gloves from her Belle costume, and the crown from Tita Sexy.
And while the princess was at the ball with her yaya, the king and the queen, together with the little prince, went to Magoos to have our share of feast.
We got tired walking around so we decided to look for Starbucks, have our coffee and sit while waiting for our princess to finish her ball.

It was just so funny how the little prince will echo what the king was doing. The little prince will stir his chocolate cream chip frapuccino while the king was stirring his mocha frapuccino.
And the little prince will drink while the king was drinking too. Look at his eyes.
Until it was time to pick up the princess from the hotel. She was wearing a different hair style now from the salon for kids at the party and with a little tiara on her head.
Time to change for the next party, Summer! - no longer a princess, but may we live happily ever after.

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