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Sunday, February 27, 2011

More parties.

It's my niece with my cousin's 1st birthday with pirate and fairy costume.

I asked Yang if Julian has pirate costume. She asked her friend and was soo nice to lend us this cute costume.
As for Summer, she used her pink tutu skirt with white stockings and Minnie mouse bride hair band and wings from Jaja. I just bought a set of white top with green shorts from Divisoria. I cannot just buy the top, it has to be the whole set. The top is floral with dashes of silver beads, perfect for the skirt for a fairy costume.
Summer had her face painting. Winter had his tattoo skull on his cheek. And we had our moment at the photo booth.
Here are the birthday celebrants - Angel and her parents.
And the family who celebrated with the family.
Thank you! Another fun filled day for the kids.

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