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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Korean what?

This is one example of how important a WORD is.

Summer is going to have her musical presentation at school. The assigned costume for their group is Korean costume.

I do not want to buy since she'll be using it for an hour only, it will be such a waste to buy one. But since I can't borrow from anybody, except the costume for rent in our area which will cost me Php 600.00 so I might as well buy one instead, Jojie volunteered to buy one for Summer. She bought one at Baclaran and brought it to our home in Paranaque on a Saturday morning. Since we were already at Bulacan, I asked Nin to bring it home with her. Turned out that the dress was way tooo big for Summer. Good thing we had enough time to alter it. We were supposed to bring it to a modista in the area but she was taking care of her grandchild so the laundry fixed it for Summer instead.
Then came a text from a co-mom at school informing the moms of the girls whose assigned costume was korean that they were referring to a korean POP costume and not the national costume.

I knew it! I shouldn't have bought one. I can make use of Summer's clothes. I'm not that much into buying costumes. I want something different for my kids so I want something DIY or if not, hand me downs, since it's ages ago, small chance of similar costume with other kids.

Summer was saddened when she learned that she won't be able to wear her korean costume at school so I let her wear it to sleep instead.

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