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Monday, February 28, 2011

Yogurt stick

Jojie and her family came to visit us at Malolos. She was walking around with her family holding a tupperware with different colored sticks inside and so I asked her what it was and she gave me one to try. Jojie, so nice and sweet and thoughtful, gave it to me for the kids. The kids wouldn't know how to eat it so I just kept it at the office so I would have something to munch on when I'm sleepy at work and did not bring it home to the kids. Well, that's what I thought. As soon as Summer stepped into the office, she saw the tupperware and took it. I learned from her that you call them yogurt sticks.

Here's my little boy, without front teeth and loving candies so much, eating yogurt sticks at his best.
Thanks Tita Jojie!

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