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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Good hands.

Ojay and Yang brought us to their thoracic friend, Karl, at St. Lukes Global City. 

We got the same recommendation from Dr. Lee with Dr. Karl - replacement of aortic root and valve. 

Dr. Karl is nice. He is a friend of Ojay. But he wouldn't want to cause any friction with Dr. Lee so he won't accept Omar. He said we're in good hands with Dr. Lee and Dr. Habana. He worked before with Dr. Habana and he's a good post op doctor. 

He gave us the same risk percentage with the procedure - 10%. 

The younger the heart, the shorter the procedure will be, faster recovery. But he advised Omar to expect the worst in terms of recovery so he won't get frustrated in the process. 

Chinese Gen is a good choice too, according to him. He is also affiliated with Chinese Gen.   

Thanks Ojay and Yang! 

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