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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sinking in.

I truly appreciate people who ask me how i am doing and praying for my strength as well, aside from Omar's of course. Jenny said, with God's grace, I am in a bubble, protecting me from worry, stress, panic etc. I am still organized and can accept things as a blessing. 

But not this morning. 

Omar had his Carotid Duplex Scan on January 21, Tuesday and may claim the result on Friday, January 24. I came to claim it just now, January 29, Wednesday, a week and a day after the scan, 5 days after the committed day of result. 

Omar's result is missing. They have to reprint it. Have it signed with the doctor again. And since the doctor just signed the original copy a week before, Omar's results were familiar to him. He refuse to sign it until he can verify it from the worksheet in possession of the technician. And Omar's name was mispelled!  Took me a good half an hour to claim a 5day old result. 

And because of that, I wasn't able to bring Winter to the lobby for the dragon dance show. 

It's a minor thing but I wanted to cut their heart and squeeze their aorta! It was so annoying and so irritating, I was almost teary eyed with anger! Omar and I are always grateful to the technicians for every tests and scans he underwent. We are suki of a local bread store in Bulacan for buying pasalubong for these great people making things easy for my husband. But with that department, I did not even thank them!  

I said sorry to God for losing my patience. I need more. I'm okay na. 

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