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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What they saw.

It was the morning of Monday, January 13, when Omar had his 2d echo. It was his first. 

Van, the cardio technician, asked a lot about his daily routine, what he does for a living, why the doctor requested for 2d echo, who was our doctor and the likes. 

I thought the questions were part of the SOP until a doctor passed by just to request for his patient to be scheduled for the day. Van requested the doctor to check on Omar and the doctor asked us for the requesting doctor. 

Right on the spot, he called Dr. Varilla on his mobile phone. I was bothered with his urgency and concern to notify our doctor with Omar's condition. 

Van recommended us to see a cardiologist right away. 

Dr. Varilla called Omar at the office. Result of the 2d echo is not good. He is just to stay at the office and not to tire himself. He instructed Omar to see his cardiologist friend, Dr. Rodny Jimenez, tomorrow. With strict instruction on not to postpone the check-up. 

It was like doomsday for Omar. Mixed emotions - sad, scared and worried. Of what? We don't know. We were just teary eyed and very scared. 

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