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Saturday, January 18, 2014

What was felt.

It was January 1, 2014 when we went to SM Aura to buy Winter's Furby. Unfortunately, Toy Kingdom was closed. 

From the parking to Uniqlo, Omar had cold sweat and got tired easily. We tried to hear mass at the chapel but was not able to finish it. The chapel was full and he needed to rest. 

The following day, after work, we then went to Toy Kingdom in Makati to get Winter's Furby and to buy our groceries from Landmark. He got tired again and just waited for me at the food court while I did the grocery shopping. 

We then decided to get our long planned check up with Dr. Varilla. He prescribed meds for acid reflux based from Omar's complains of easy fatigue and difficulty in burping. We were given requests for blood chemistry. Omar was given request for his usual chest xray and ekg. Dr. Varilla then requested for his 2d echo just to check on his heart, due to his hypertension. 

January 9, we even joined the procession of Nazareno at Bulacan and went malling. The meds were good for Omar did not experience any fatigue. 

January 10, we had our blood chem. he had his xray and ekg and scheduled for his 2d echo on Monday. 

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