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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second viewing.

Dr. Jimenez was sick and wasn't able to attend to his clinic, Dr. Varilla informed us over the phone. 

Van texted Omar and invited him for a second viewing, together with the doctor, for free, the following day. 

January 15, we had our second viewing for Omar's 2d echo. 

Dr. Varilla was having lunch at the canteen when Dr. Uy approached him and informed him of Omar's 2d echo. It so happened that Van texted Dr. Uy that we were already there for the second viewing. Dr. Varilla, unaware of the invitation for us, was able to join us. 

During the second viewing, I can already hear the word surgery coming from Dr. Uy. 

Dr. Varilla then invited us to his clinic to discuss with us what he saw at Omar's 2d echo. 

Omar's aorta is enlarged, causing the valve to expand. Therefore, the valve does not seal anymore, causing the pumped blood to return to the left ventricle part of the heart. The heart then is bearing much blood from the returns causing the left ventricle to enlarge as well. And they saw too severe aortic regurgitation or the leaking blood back to the heart. 

Aorta is not part of the heart but is connected to the heart. 

We will have to go back the following day to see Dr. Uy, the cardiologist. 

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