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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Second opinion

January 17, we took our chance and went to The Medical City to see Dr. Habana, referred by Edhel, my niece who is a doctor. 

God is good, the doctor is Intellicare accredited and we were able to see him. 

Aortic aneurysm can be done in the Philippines. But Omar's LV and EF makes it to a very high risk surgery. 

Surgery is at very high risk at LV of 7 and above. Omar's is 7.9. Aorta size of 5 and above is at high risk too. Omar's is 4.6. 

Dr. Habana has looked post operation of the same case as Omar's but the lowest EF he has done so far was 32 while Omar's is 28. But the best thing about Omar is he is still young at the age of 40. 

Euroscore (European assessment of cardiac surgical risk) for Omar's case is 12.7%. In the Philippines, that will be 15-20%. In comparison, bypass euroscore is 1-1.5%. 

Dr. Habana are recommending the ff tcvs (thorasic cardio vascular surgeon):
Dr. Leo Rico of Heart Center
Dr. Nelson Lee of Heart Center and Chinese Gen. Hospital 
Dr. Manabat of Medical City. 

Among the 3, Dr. Lee is the best bet. Also, Chinese Gen. Hospital has the lowest mortality rate when it comes to heart surgery. 

We will have CT aortagram to evaluate the size of aorta, scheduled on Jan. 21 Tuesday at 8am at Medical City. 

We will also get pulmonary function test and carotid duplex scan on the same day. 
Best to see the tcvs with results of the scans and test requested. 

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