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Monday, January 20, 2014

More angels are coming.

We are not just getting second opinion, but even more. 

I forwarded Omar's 2d echo result to Kuya Archie, who works in a clinic in California, and he was able to have it checked with their cardiologist. 

My sister, Jenny, has been asking her friends for cardiologists. Through Mia, I got to speak with Dr. Daffy Morales and was assured that we are in good hands with his boss, Dr. Habana. He offered his line too should we have any questions and could not reach Dr. Habana. 

I forwarded it too to Daddy, who is in Canada. He forwarded Omar's case to his cousin, Tita Baby, a doctor practicing in New York. Now, she is in communication with her friend doctors here in the Philippines. 

Daddy forwarded it too to Tita Juliet, my mom's cousin who is a nurse in Canada. She then forwarded it to her sister, Tita Jackie, another nurse, who showed it to their cardiologist. 

I posted in my egroup my family's condition and asked for prayers. We are now banging the heaven's doors with all our prayers. 

My inlaws brought Omar to the healing mass of Fr. Suarez. 

With all these, how can I cry? I cannot. We feel so blessed and grateful. We feel so loved. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

We can do this! I know Lord that we are in Your hands and You will never abandon us. 

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