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Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas!

Today's our last day at Canada and our first at Florida.

We left Canada at around 10am for our flight to Florida via West Jet. We had no sleep last night for we went home late and still had to pack everything. We still have to leave some stuff at home in Canada - mostly thick clothings which we cannot use in Manila.The flight was kid friendly. Flight to Orlando, Florida was full of kids, we were like riding a school bus.

Jazzy and AJ met us at the airport while Ate Joy and the rest of her family waited for us at the van outside the airport. We were so hungry! The kids blew up! They were so big already! Summer finally got to meet her cousins from her Tita Ganda.We then went to our rented villa at Davenport and had our early dinner. Kuya and his family followed soon with a bad news. Kuya, with just one checked-in luggage, lost his luggage. Staff of the airline was even rude during Jenny's inquiry regarding the lost luggage over the phone.

AJ and the kids were so sweet! They prepared a Christmas carol for us - Sa Araw ng Pasko. It was a Tagalog song and the babies sang it when they cannot even speak the language. Kakaiyak! AJ also prepared gifts for everybody. First time ko makatanggap ng gift sa pamangkin, kaka touch at parang ang tanda ko na hehehe.We also had our first complete family picture after 8years!Sarap ng feeling! Ang saya! Thank you Mommy and Daddy!

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