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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 2: Florida

Universal Studios

First theme park to visit was the Universal Studios.

While waiting for Ate, who was buying our tickets, I formed my nieces and nephews according to age. It should be oldest to youngest, but since taking photo was pretty ugly for it was against the light, I asked them instead to turn around, so the order was made to youngest to oldest. They looked like cheaper by the dozen movie.
Summer jumped out of her stroller as soon as she saw Dora. She was the first who was able to get her photo with Dora. She was wearing a Dora shirt too, I specially scheduled her shirt for the theme park.
The teenagers went on their own way. We walked around and took photos with characters whom we know. We had photo with the Hat in a Cat. We weren't able to take photos of Shrek, Incredible Hulk, and other characters for they have a long line.
I was able to take the log ride with the boys. I took Winter to the Carousel ride.
We watched the Macy's parade though Summer was sleeping during the first half of the parade. She woke up as soon as it was Dora's turn. Barney did not join the parade, too bad.
After the park, we had dinner at Denny's courtesy of the Ombudsman of Toronto through Atty. Jenny.
We had our complete siblings picture taking once again, after 5 years. Ladies' top were gifts from Jenny and we wore it at the same time while at the park.

A day was not enough to visit Universal's 2 parks. We should have visited the Studio first before the Island Adventure. Next time, I wish!

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