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Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 8: Canada

We finally went to Cosco, previous plans to visit was cancelled due to snow storm.

After grocery shopping for stuff to bring home, we had lunch at Cosco. The family loves their poutine (tama ba spelling ko?) - it's french fries topped with gravy and feta cheese. We also had pizza and roast chicken.After lunch, we went to Downtown to see Jenny's office. She works with the Ombudsman of Toronto, galing noh? We met Jill at the Scarborough Town Center then went to down town through subway. We passed by Eaton Center with their christmas tree so sparkling bright yet without christmas lights. It was sparkling because of its christmas decors of swarovski crystals.The kids went ice skating, including Summer. Benjie was so kind enough to skate with Summer. He was so determined to train Summer. I hoped that their language won't be a barrier since Summer knows little english. At the end of the day, turned out my baby can understand more than I expected. She can skate for a minute on her own, according to Benjie, until a cousin passed by and Summer tried to skate faster and almost fell.It was sooooo colldddd!!! We took shelter at the Sheraton Hotel.We had to go back through Go Train since it was faster to get home than using the subway. We had to hurry home since Winter's been crying and won't take his milk.Hehe. Now, I'm not allowed to leave home without Winter.

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