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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's see Batan.

The accommodation at Fundacion Pacita comes with a complimentary tour of the island of Batan.

First stop was the Chawa View Deck.Then, we went to see the oldest house, built on 1887, with the lola inside - the granddaughter of the owner.We try to visit a Church whenever we see a new place - a nice way of saying Thank you for bringing us there safe.You'll be amazed with the Honesty Cafe. A teacher used to sell coffee and snacks for the fishermen and travellers from the other islands since her place is just by the pier. And since she's always out farming, she just leave the store open for everyone to get their needs. You just list your bought items in her notebook and drop your payment in the box. Yes, no sales lady. That's how honest they are. That's how good they are.We stopped along the road to enjoy the view of the Pacific Ocean or was it the South China Sea? Can't remember which side we were but both surrounds Batanes.We passed by the Ruins of Songsong where stone houses were destroyed by a tidal wave. The family moved to Bukidnon after.We passed by another Church with a little light house.The Marlboro Country is just amazing!

And a final stop at a light house before having our dinner, just in time to catch the sun set.We had dinner at Therese Coffee shop where we enjoyed Bataan's Coconut Crab. We were served lobster, lapulapu and Ibatan food. I ate all the aligi of one coconut crab. Unforgettable.Tomorrow will be an early day for Sabtang Island.

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