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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Shayna!

It was Shayna's 1st birthday party at Jollibee Malolos. I brought Summer with me.
Summer was scared at first, must be due to the loud noise. She would even tell me - 'Mama, sakit sa tenga noh?' She would join the 'bring me' games, whenever I could provide some items. She was busy doing her coloring book - a prize from the bring me game, when the game was the longest happy birthday greeting. She played this once before so I asked her if she wanted to play, she ignored me and kept on coloring. The first participant doesn't know how to speak yet so was asked to go down. Summer then left her table and went straight to the chair with the hosts, not minding the other kids lined up for the game, and participated! She did not win, though.Time came when Jollibee went out to greet the celebrant, had picture taken with the guests, danced to the tune of 'Sabay sabay tayo', witnessed the blowing of the candle - and Summer was so scared. She would run by herself across the other side of the room and grab on somebody to hold on to, not minding if she knew the person or not. Until the end of the party, when she happily went to Jollibee, ang weird! Kaya nakahabol pa kami ng photo with Jollibee.She was so happy and kept on saying how exciting the party was. Thanks Jane for the invite!

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