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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To and from

To Batanes, from Manila.

We left home at 7am for our 9am flight to Basco, Batanes via Seair.It was an hour and a half flight to Batanes. The kids were manageable during the flight, thanks to the family for the help in amusing Winter when he was up. The airport was nice. We were fetched at the airport by Ryan from Fundacion Pacita.
We stayed at one of the best accommodations we've been to here in the Philippines. One thing nice of travelling on weekdays is having the whole place to yourself. We had beautiful rooms.There were only 8 staff but we were very well served and they were all nice. There was even a time when Omar and I were taking a nap with Winter and Summer was at the kitchen chatting with the staff and they even gave her milk and fed her her Koko Krunch. You can just stay in there and relax and have fun even without a swimming pool or videoke.Come and join us as I take you with us and tour Batanes.

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Gracie said...

wow, Batanes! my dream destination :)