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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mom's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

The night before mother's day, my kids really made me feel that I'm a mom! I was already lying down ready to sleep when I smelled a not so nice scent coming from Winter. Omar wouldn't change his nappy so I had no choice but to get up and change him. So I went back to bed. Then, Summer got up from her bed, went to the wash room, and shouted 'Mom! I'll call you when I'm done na ha!' Why do they have to do it when I'm lying down already and getting ready to sleep? Why can't they do it on day time when they're with their nanny? - answer is - because I'm the mom!

And now, it's my day! It's my mom's day! It's my mom-in-law's day!

We set-up our gifts for Mommy. It deserves a separate post. I can say she's happy!

Omar will be going home with the kids to Paranaque to visit my in-laws. Unfortunately, I cannot join them since I have a wedding to host in the afternoon here at Bulacan. So right after the wedding, I'll be celebrating my day on my own - lounging on the bed, with the aircon on, watching showbiz shows on TV, and surfing the net on my laptop, advertise on blogs, get paid, and more blog marketing. Then more moolah for online shopping! All alone, so quiet, so me time!

Mother's day, I love it!

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