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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Taste of Weber

We finally got a taste of Dad's much talk about Weber burger. They were so hit that they build they're own overpass so they can accommodate customers from the other side of the highway.

A fire truck welcomed us. Of course, the stage mom in me lit up and my kids and I head straight to the truck not minding our orders and where we will be staying. It was a park for a cause. They give away fire hats to kids and kids can ride the truck to familiarize themselves with the truck and they're asking donations for cancer patients.
Winter just can't stop saying truck!
Oh, we had putin! French fries topped with white cheese and gravy.
And we got to taste what they're famous for, burgers!
We get to enjoy it outdoors with a very nice weather.
The kids had ice cream too to share with everybody and this was my favorite among the four flavors they got - I think it was white paw?
It was a nice park, all clean and green. We were blessed with a good weather. Lots of nice people walking around with their nice dogs.
I like it! I'm having fun. Kids are having fun! Everybody's having fun.
Too bad I wasn't able to ask for the apron, they were selling Weber apron, perfect for Kuya's Weber griller.

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