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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 4: Walk in the park and Dinner at Pho

It's Victoria's Weekend and it's a holiday. In Canada, unlike in the Philippines, shopping malls are closed during holidays.

We had a slow day and walked at the park near our home after breakfast. We've been visiting Canada since 2005 and it was my first to set foot at the park next to us. Weather was nice. Summer and Winter sooo look forward to walking around for they know that last stop will be the playground. Plus, we have to burn the food we've been feasting on.
Omar and I played too, not just the kids hahahha. We saw a bench and did a Notting hill scene =).
And family photos while walking around. So this is how it feels like should we stay here for good.
I've been seeing Winter as a little boy now and no longer a baby. He sure do knows how to play in the playground.
And Summer used up all her energy as well.
We went to bring the kids to Toronto Zoo but it rained and parking was quite full due to the holidays so we decided to just go back tomorrow.

The Filipinos in us won't let the holiday stop us from shopping. Chinese are real businessmen. The chinese mall, Pacific Mall, is open! Just like they're the only mall open on Christmas. So we stopped by and roamed around. Little did we know that the Javiers surprisingly went home to see us. Mom and Dad were there. Some went home already but we were able to catch Tita Nil and Tito August who just live in the area.
Mommy, who's been thinking which to prepare and preparing our food, brought us out for dinner at Pho. We were served BIG bowls of noodle soup which we love.
And I just have to have their iced coffee after the spicy soup.
I like this. Relaxing and fun!

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