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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 11: Shopping and Buffalo wings

Grrr.... my battery ran out on me. And my camera's charger has a round outlet and the hotel's electric outlet has a flat outlet. I asked the front desk if they have an adaptor I can borrow, and they answered me that people should be bringing their own. I told them that other hotels provide, I was told that their hotel is not one of those hotels. And that's Hilton Garden Inn at Buffalo, NY.

We went to see Our Lady of Victory and went to hear mass.

We had our breakfast treat from my nephew, AJ, at McDonalds.

Then came the part we've all been waiting for - shopping! Time was so short, time was so fast. We were able to buy shoes and clothes for everybody. We had our lunch at the food court.

We then brought Ate and her family back at Our Lady of Fatima and we heard mass once again.

Shopping is much cheaper in NY than in Canada, less tax and better exchange rate with peso. So this is where we bought my 55/250mm lens and Winter's DSi at Best Buy. Kuya bought hi slr too so I was able to borrow his charger for my camera as well =).

Kuya and I hosted breakfast back in the Philippines after our church visit at Antipolo. This time, it was Ate's and Jenny's turn to treat the family. We had the original buffalo wings. We had lotsssssssssssss of wings.

Oh no, today will be our last day together. It's bye bye time once again tomorrow.

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