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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guests from Virginia

On our second visit to Canada as a family - me, Omar and Summer, we took a side trip to the US. We stayed for 3days in California and 3days in Virginia. We stayed with my Ninang Lynda in California while we stayed with Omar's Tito Jojo in Virginia.

Now, it's time to welcome them back in the Philippines for a very short vacation. Papa's family came to welcome them too. Since Tita Daisy's family is from Pandi, it is but convenient to meet them at Malolos. We prepared lunch for them.
We offered them an overnight stay at the hotel, so the Reantasos stayed as well too.
Good thing it was a weekend night so we had band playing at the park while the guests from Virginia savored the San Mig drinks.
It was a short visit but we were glad to take off some things from Tito Jojo's wish list for his visit in the Philippines.

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