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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 5: Toronto Zoo and Dinner at Yangs

Finally, a day at the zoo! Less crowded and no rain, thank God!

The babies were excited. I used the animal hats we brought from the Philippines. Summer with the bunny hat and Winter with the monkey hat.
I was surprised that the little boy can already recognize pretty lots of animals already.
They have playground and activities for the kids too aside from animal viewing.
And as if we do not have much photos yet from the zoo, we took more while waiting for Daddy to fetch us.
Too much time waiting, the kids kept on begging us to buy them tokens for some rides. So we gave in so they can take the carousel. And Winter would rather sit on the non-moving turtle. Sayang pera =).
We then had our Japanese dinner at Yang's kitchen. It's an all you can eat, ala carte style.
Everybody's happy, everybody's full, everybody's gaining weight - oopps! except for the babies.

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