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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trailer camping with Nana and Lolo Doms

It was our first time to go trailer camping and we were a bit excited. It was hot when we got there and you can see campers all around.

The boys helped Lolo Dom set up the shade next to the trailer.
Then when we were done settling down, we went to take a look at the Kirby Beach, not that we have any plans of taking a dip or anything.
The boys, I mean the big boys, had fun with the view - wink wink! It was just sooo hot I have to take off the little boy's clothes.
We went to the city to look for some graham crackers and some knick knacks. It was a cute and small city.

We then headed back home and had a nap - still at jet lag mode. Nana brought lots of food. She prepared everything already and Omar just had to reheat some and grill some for dinner.
The babies had fun helping Nana around - playing, I mean sweeping, with the broom.
Winter had sooo much fun the whole day, he did not take his nap and with jet lag hitting him, dozed off early on Mom's and Dad's bed.
Not used to the sun still up after dinner, we walked around and goofed around. Daddy even played fooseball with the kids.
And we get Mom to walk with us too. We never experienced walking around in the Philippines as a family. We do not even walk around in the Philippines - it's just too hot in our country plus air is not healthy to breathe in the city.
We lit up some bonfire for some smores, just like what we had at Yosemite. Mom bought wafers instead of graham. We looked around for graham in the city but didn't see one.
It was good! Flamed marshmallow melting milk chocolate bars in between wafers, which were supposed to be graham crackers. Yum yum!

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