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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 10: Day 2 at Buffalo, NY

We heard mass at Mary Help of Christians, the same parish we have at Paranaque in the Philippines. It was Onnie's first to hear mass in a crying room with Molly.
Ate and Jenny asked for a petition for Mom's and Dad's wedding anniversary and a lot went to congratulate the family after the mass.
We walked around and it they have a nice church ground with their stations of the cross going up the stairs. They even opened up the closed chapel, which they believe is miraculous.
We then went to see the Niagara Falls - it's a first for Onnie and Andy. Tita Jack's family came to join us but they're just staying for a day tour and just went to see Ate and her family.
We had our late lunch but it was heaven! Jaz and Adrienne ran to cue us for a lunch buffet. They just met the cut off in time. We paid for lunch and had dinner. They served crabssssss!!!!
We celebrated Molly's 9th month. I bought her cup cakes from Mrs. Fields.
And the hotel gave Mom and Dad an anniversary dessert.
But when we got back at Hilton, it was time for Onnie and Andy to head back to Rego Park. It was a short chance for us to see each other but we were able to savor Molly. She was just so adorable.
The kids took a dip at the pool.
And another day is waiting for us tomorrow.

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