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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Less than half way at Tao Yuan

It was a short trip of 4hours from Manila to Taiwan. But it will be another 4hours of wait at the airport for our connecting flight to Toronto. But the kids always enjoy walking and playing around the airport.

After going through security checks for our connecting flight, we settled in their wifi zone area. Kuya got his laptop, the boys got their Itouch, we got our chinese ipad hehehe, better known as apad.
Jenny, having her EvaAir as one of her clients, got invited in their lounge with Mom and Dad. No lounge can accommodate Dad's cards so we just settled at the wifi zone area. Jenny sneaked out some milk tea in tetra packs for us. They did not stay long at the lounge, they just had some snacks and went out to join us.
Kuya and my family, on the other hand, sooo looked forward to having Taiwanese noodles, just as we usually do in our previous trips with EvaAir.
Summer and Winter loved playing at the Hello Kitty playground. It was heaven sent, helping me entertain kids for the next few hours. My Winter boy is big already, he can go up and down the playground by himself already.
We walked around and Winter just have to stand next to this sculpture for a photo op.
4hours wait was not that bad after all. Hope the kids are tired enough to sleep in our next flight to Toronto.

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