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Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 8: Home visits

We're home bound today. We're busy packing for our trip to Buffalo tomorrow. It won't be the traditional day tour pass but we will be staying there for 4d/3n. It's unplanned, it's not in the itinerary. But Ate asked Mom and Dad to meet us there.

Nana came to bring more food! As if she did not send enough prior to our arrival and when we went trailer camping, she brought more for our trip to NY.

Mommy prepared karekare for her since she needs to eat more meat. Tita Turing and her family came to join us too.
The boys, as usual, had their drinking session.
Come night time, Tita Jack and her family came to see us. My babies are her babies too. She's been spoiling me and my kids lots of stuff from Canada. She brought cake for Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary too and Justine made some cookies for Summer.
Oh, I'm excited for tomorrow!

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