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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 9: Day 1 at Buffalo, NY

It's Memorial Weekend for the Americans so there will be lots of sale across the border. We left home early to avoid the long line at the border. And we were early! We crossed it with a breeze.

Firs stop was a visit to Our Lady of Fatima. We went up on the roof to see the image of the Fatima.
And to enjoy the view from below with the rosary around the pond.
We were too early for the mass so we had our picnic breakfast by the parking area. They really provide tables for those who wish to have their picnic like us. We brought adobo, rice and some bread and fruits. It was fun.
Then, we went around to look for our school's patron saints. The front yard was surrounded with different images of saints. We saw patron saints from our high school and colleges, even San Lorenzo Ruiz. But Summer did not get to see Saint Marie Eugenie.
After mass, we checked-in at Hilton Garden Inn, where we will be staying during our entire vacation at NY.

Then came Molly..... of course with her mom and dad, Onnie and Andy. She was such a doll!
While waiting for Ate Joy and her family, who were doing the amazing race, we went to Walden Galleria for some shopping. We had lunch at the food court for our first stop.
Finally, after numerous boarding passes and different flights, Ate arrived with her family and Adrienne except for Kuya Archie, who is expected to come tomorrow morning.
We had dinner at the hotel... hotel room ehhehehe.
Tomorrow will be a big day!

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