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Thursday, May 19, 2011



I love travelling! I love airports! I start packing stuff in my mind whenever I hear travel plans. I'm so confident travelling with my kids for I know they're as excited as me and they won't let me down.

We're flying EvaAir to Toronto. We are 10passengers in our group. Before proceeding to the gate, Mom, Jenny, Omar and Kuya's boys went to look for something to eat. I wasn't hungry much and if I move around, I will have to lug around my kids with me so I'd rather stay put. Dad, on the other hand, looked around for lounges who can accommodate his credit cards. And alas! He came back calling me and Kuya to join him.

The kids had fun watching TV while waiting. No need for me to bring out all my props for them. Winter was so at home, he even took off his shoes and socks =).
Kuya and Daddy started feasting on free snacks. I then called Omar and he regretted joining Mom. So Mom followed and she can only sneak in 1 person, which is Jenny, for she did not bring her local cards anymore.
Too bad Omar wasn't able to join us inside to enjoy the lounge.

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