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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 6: Downtown

It's time to hit downtown while weather's been good to us. We left after lunch and went to the Go Station. We got an all day pass for CAD$ 12 each. Jenny took her masters here so she was our guide.
It was Winter's first ride at the bus, not counting our bus at Grand Canyon two years ago when he was still an infant. Travelling with small kids, we were allowed to take the front seat. And my talkative Summer talked to the bus driver and he was replying. I then found out at home that bus drivers were not allowed to speak with passengers while driving so as not to divert their attention from driving.
We went down at Unionville station and walked around.
Jenny brought us at Lawrence Market, a sosyal market place. Winter, still in jet lag mode, slept. The stroller Kitz lent us is a heaven sent.
Jenny treat us with fresh Italian noodles where the server was a Filipina. I also bought smoked cheese.
As we stepped out, we saw a garden of tulips!
We then went to see the plaza which they turn into skating rink during winter. This time, we did not pass the underground mall which we did last time during winter. With a nice weather, it's time for outdoors.
Summer was so excited to buy ice cream from an ice cream truck. As excited as Mama Jade =).
We were just too full with lunch that only Kuya got to buy his sausage sandwich from the stand. And indian speaking Filipino was selling them.
Winter too have to get his own ice cream.
We then took the train going back home, another first for Winter.
Thanks Nina for the tour!

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